Sterling has recently retired from his job as an orthopedic surgeon. He has hunted and fished in Maine for over 40 years. He enjoys guiding novice or experienced fishermen.

Sterling and Tara sailed a wooden pilot cutter from Maine to Newfoundland  in 2018. Sterling enjoys building small wooden boats as well as laminated longbows and self bows. He started building a log cabin on Sugar Island in 1985 harvesting spruce trees on the property and has recently upgraded the cabin so he and Tara can reside there while they take care of sports in the main cabin nearby.

Sterling is also an avid telemark skier and has summited Katahdin in the winter on several adventures and loves the Chic Chocs on the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec. He backpacked from Katahdin to Massachusetts at age 15 along the Appalachian trail.

Sterling has canoed many of the rivers in Maine including the Allagash, the Machias, the West Branch of the Penobscot, East outlet of the the Kennebec, the Nesowadnehunk as well as many other rivers in the northeast.

Sterling is also a jazz musician playing tenor saxophone, guitar and upright bass.